ImageNow Sparks Customer Service at Jones-Onslow

From: Perceptive Software, Inc
Published: Fri Mar 10 2006

Perceptive Software, Inc., today announced that Jones-Onslow Electric Membership Corporation, a supplier of electrical utilities based in Jacksonville, N.C., uses ImageNow® integrated document management, imaging and workflow software to enhance customer service, maintain data integrity and provide remote document access.

ImageNow was selected to provide easy access to account and engineering documentation, including more than 200,000 service applications from customers.

"Of the products we reviewed, only ImageNow supports more than 200 document and file types, automatically indexes documents without time-consuming manual data entry and is easy to use," said Carrie Peters, vice president of IT/IS.

Patented LearnMode™ technology facilitated seamless integration between ImageNow and Jones-Onslow's Applied Technology Solutions customer information system (CIS). This tight link allows users to employ powerful, yet user-friendly, document management features within a familiar software environment.

Documentation is retained on the secure ImageNow server as electronic images that Peters said are "often of better quality than paper copies." Centrally collating documents in a single repository makes it easier for Jones-Onslow to monitor documents at every stage of their lifecycle than when using paper versions.

"We don't have to ask, 'Where's that file?' any more because all documents are safely stored in one place," Peters said.

Jones-Onslow has a district office in Sneads Ferry, 30 miles away from its Jacksonville headquarters. Prior to ImageNow implementation, files were sent between the offices by fax or intra-company mail, and customer service employees had to wait for customer documentation to be delivered.

Jones-Onslow is using CaptureNow to import 15,000 staking sheets into ImageNow, where they are automatically indexed by service order number and saved as TIFF files. Authorized users instantly retrieve and view these and other documents simultaneously.

"ImageNow has improved collaboration because employees in any location or department can immediately retrieve the documents they need," Peters said.

With a single click on the ImageNow button, Jones-Onslow employees can review previous applications and confirm the validity of Power of Attorney documents it has on file for its customers. Attaching ID pictures to membership records stored in ImageNow allows customer service representatives to quickly verify the identity of customers that visit either Jones-Onslow office.

"We're providing better customer service with ImageNow," Peters said. "Instead of researching issues and calling customers back, we have the information at our fingertips."

ImageNow's dynamic security features are an important part of Jones-Onslow's data protection efforts, and have been influential in plans to extend the solution to the accounting and personnel departments.

"ImageNow lets us control document and folder access," Peters said. "We're satisfied that it meets our security requirements and will do so when we extend it to other areas."

ImageNow is also a key component of Jones-Onslow's business continuity plans. The company's headquarters is situated on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, an area vulnerable to hurricane damage. In the event of a hurricane, all document images stored on the ImageNow server will be protected.

"Storing documents off-site in an electronic format means we'll be able to maintain business continuity if our offices are damaged," Peters said.

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