"Brand Channel" of Direct Message Lab - the power to communicate directly to desktop.

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Published: Wed Apr 05 2006

The biggest issue brands face today is effective communication with their customers. Email efficiency is declining because of clutter, spam and delivery issues whereas websites requires that the user visit and search for the information they want.

Direct Message Lab has created the "Brand Channel" to enable brands to communicate more effectively and thus to strengthen the Brand's relationship with its customers. The main advantage of Brand Channel of Direct Message Lab is, it combines the best of current methods of delivering information - the push capability of email, the functional and interactive aspects of websites and the automation of RSS.

Brand Channel of Direct Message Lab is a unique "closed" channel for brands to deliver their information directly to users on their desktops. The user controls the types of information she want, ensuring that the information is always relevant. Immediate delivery guarantees that the critical events like promotion, schemes etc are never missed.

Messages appear on the desktop in visual format. They can range from simple notifications to animations to guide you through an interactive experience. The visual delivery method ensures that the information a customer wants is placed in front of other content so that the user can respond immediately.

When a customer subscribes to a brand to receive information, she is creating a one-to-one relationship, which cannot be spammed or invaded. No matter how many brands you subscribe to, you have to download the Brand Channel of Direct Message Lab only once. This ensures that you are not running multiple applications at once on your computer and you can control your preferences in one place.

The Brand Channel of Direct Message Lab can be helpful to the organizations of all types - to achieve their goals by increasing sales, enhancing communication, improving response times & strengthening relationships.

Some of the uses of the Brand Channel of Direct Message Lab can be

to communicate key information to customers
to engage customers in interactive applications
to ensure internal stakeholders receive critical information as needed.
for surveys to receive direct feedback from customers
for auditing information delivery and response
to calculate the ROI of each marketing campaign

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