Internet Marketing Coach Fione Tan Releases New Secrets of Million Dollar Internet Business eBook

Published: Wed Apr 01 2009

Fione Tan, President and CEO of Asia Rank number 1 Internet Marketing company,, Top 10 National Women Entrepreneurs Malaysia, announces release of her latest eBook : Fione Tan Reveals How To Start A Million Dollar Internet Business Workbook.

Fione Tanís new ebook provides aspiring Internet entrepreneurs and struggling website owners with secrets of starting an Internet business and making the first million online within 12 months. Highlights include:
-Fione Tanís secrets of making multi-million dollars using proven Internet marketing strategies
-The Top 3 Internet business making money models
-Common challenges of Internet business and Fione Tanís solutions
-Common questions asked by her advanced course students and her personal answers
-Worksheets to enable the readers to apply the successful strategies immediately

"Despite the global financial crisis, online sales are still increasing, in particular in Asia such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. If Internet marketing strategies are applied correctly and diligently, anyone with basic Internet knowledge can start an Internet business and those who can master Internet marketing strategies can be the next Internet millionaires," says Tan.

Fione Tan is the top Internet marketing coach in Asia and is arguably the most expensive coach in Asia, charging a fee of U$100 per minute and offers top notched Internet marketing services to multi-national companies. For smaller customers who cannot afford her individual consultation fee, she has developed the first Internet marketing coaching program in Asia since 2003 and has become the most successful and the most "expensive" program charging a fee of US$3,000 for 2 days of training, yet the best value as the return on investment is typically in less than 180 days, with some of her top students making more than one million dollars in 12 months. Details of the program can be found at

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