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Published: Sun Jun 18 2006

Visitors to the free World Cup Tips website ( have been enjoying high success rates with their free tips. With the football world cup well under way, amateur and serious gamblers can receive tips on which teams to bet on or against from (, free of charge. provides forecasts which can be used in various ways by football fans and professional gamblers allowing them the option of choosing a betting strategy that the customer feels most comfortable with, its expert analysts collate strategic knowledge about teams, players, stats and more giving punters clear information about which teams are likely to win or lose. This means gamblers can act and be as well informed as professional bookmakers by avoiding certain matches and concentrating on only those that are most likely to provide a positive result.

It is's policy to provide free tips for major sporting events and they dont come much bigger than the World Cup. Previous events included the Epsom festival (Epsom Derby and Oaks in June), the Grand National and the Guineas festival (included the 2000 and 1000 Guineas). Up coming events include Royal Ascot later this month and there is a major event virtually every month of the year.

Tim Mehmet, director of, comments: "So far we have achieved a pretty high success rate of over 80% largely due to the matches being fairly open and positive, normally we see a fair number of lacklustre draws and big teams failing to deliver but this year its pretty good from both a punting and watching perspective".

"If laying the draw on our tips, you would have something like nineteen successfull bets and about three break even bets and two with small loss, this kind of hugely successfull betting is due to the betting exchanges and betting while in play, this concept is still new to many people and the message we are putting out there is that we are no longer forced to pick a winner before the match, we can choose not to pick and we can get out if we dont like the way its going!, for example, we tipped 'lay the draw' for Czech Republic v Ghana, if the bookies were to be believed, the Czech team would be easy winners and their odds reflected that, the result was a Ghana win becuase it was very clear to us that this match could go either way. By laying the draw, we did'nt care who won, in fact, we dont care if the game ends in a draw so long as there are goals becuase we cash in when a goal is scored. Another example of this was with Italy v USA, Italy started odds on favourites which in this case was more accurate from the bookies, once Italy scored the price dropped like a stone, becuase we lay the draw we then cash in and lock in the profit win, lose or draw. The game ended up a draw but we already have our profit. We do this week in and week out with our domestic leagues service, the hard part is knowing which games to bet on!".

One of the reasons provides free tips for major events is that the big tournaments are very unpredictable, Italy v USA highlighted this, three red cards and a draw result, this is something that simply cant be predicted. The likleyhood of more controversial games increase as the tournament progresses making predictions a very difficult pass time indeed.

Domestic leagues in comparision are much more sensible, there are still the odd games which are controversial but they are few and far between. Form can be measured in domestic games unlike cup competitions which is why cup competitions are generally regarded as high risk.

More information for betting on soccer games via the exchanges can be found on the website, this also includes strategies for dealing with games that go against you.

To get free tips from for the world cup, simply visit, or alternatively you can get them via email, for details go to

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