Presenting Baby's Best Start: An Interactive Baby and Parent Course

From: The Helen Doron Group
Published: Wed Aug 23 2006

This unique course was created to enrich the parent-baby relationship through loving, nurturing and vital developmental activities. Infants and parents together learn songs, activities, chants, rhymes, musical styles and rhythms, practical early child education facts and applications. This specially designed course promotes bonding, while enhancing the child's emotional, mental and physical development. The music for the course was specifically arranged for this purpose and features ethnic music from a variety of different cultures.

Baby’s Best Start emphasizes the importance of positive reinforcement and helps parents find new methods of interacting with their babies in delightful and refreshing ways. Parents also have the opportunity to learn or improve upon their English.

Helen Doron, creator of Baby’s Best Start, comments, "Baby’s Best Start is a multi-faceted program that fills a gap in the early education market. This pioneering course is based on the fact that a baby’s ability to learn is limitless and BBS provides a myriad of opportunities for mother, father and baby to interact in intellectually, emotionally and physically stimulating ways. For example, one of the exercises in the course involves holding the baby upside down, while singing an original song associated with this movement. Blood and oxygen rushes to the brain, helping to increase the baby's brain growth as well as developing the vestibular system. Babies instinctively know the importance of being held upside down and love this. This gives a different perspective on the world and increases the baby's pool of concepts."

Morning and afternoon classes will be launched from September. Weekend classes will be available to accommodate busy schedules and each class’s duration is approximately 45 minutes. Each participant will receive 4 Parents Books of Text and Memories, 4 storybooks for babies, 4 accompanying CDs including songs, rhymes, stories and vocabulary, and information leaflets. Each baby will learn about 550 words, sing or understand 24 new songs in English, as well as absorb English sentence structure, sounds, rhymes and stories.

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