Neil Carswell Releases Good Manís Journey

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Published: Sat Sep 09 2006

Southern rock icon Neil Carswell has put together some of his best work to date with a new album titled Good Manís Journey. Carswell had previously headed up the enormously successful band Copperhead. Carswell did not have too look far to find his roots in blues and classic rock waiting for a resurgence of energy to bring it all back to life in the recording studio again. Like a breath of fresh air, it all came rushing back and an instant classic was born.

Good Manís Journey is a down to earth, bluesy, richly colored southern flavored classic rock album that shares equal time with rockiní and slower tracks. Neil Carswell is a man with many talents musically and his ability to sing a song that you will never forget is a gift that he uses on every track on the album.

Prominent musicians are part of the sessions such as Johnny Neel (keyboards, Allman Bros.), Barry Goudreau (guitar, Boston), Stu Kimball (guitar, Bob Dylan), and Chris Anderson (guitar, The Outlaws. Carswell and Anderson also combined their energy and efforts to produce the CD.

Good Manís Journey is on target to appeal to classic rock fans, longtime listeners, and gain new ones along the way. It is an archetypal rendering of Carswellís talents as a vocalist/ songwriter/musician. The recording focuses on deeply emotional subjects with moving blues-rock music that superbly counterparts the personal subjects that the artist touches upon during the course of the album.

Carswellís place in musical history as one of the most versatile and enduring artist is secure with his past work however he will not rest on his past laurels. This new output of music is fresh, full of life, expressive, and it features a distinctive vocal style we have come to respect over the years. Neilís deep abiding love for traditional blues along with his ability to sing, write songs, and play an instrument, puts him in a category that few rarely achieve in a lifetime of toiling in the studio and playing countless live gigs.

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