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Published: Sat Oct 21 2006

Spending time rehearsing in and getting used to your speaking venue before your speech is a great way to manage stage fright, according to Deborah Shames and David Booth, co-authors of the new book Speaker Survival Guide. In addition to managing stage fright, the book has tips for warming up, improving speech content, speaking to the media, and finding ways of engaging the audience.

"Including something relevant to the audience and something personal about yourself are just two of the ways to engage your audience," says Shames, veteran Hollywood director who is now a partner at Eloqui, a firm specializing in speaking and presentation coaching. "By combining our experience in theater with new theories on communication, we’ve helped thousands of people boost their public speaking confidence and effectiveness."

Speaker Survival Guide offers 101 tips in quick, easy-to-read sections, so speakers can literally take the book with them to a speaking engagement, referring to it right up to speaking time. From managing stage fright, structuring your speech or presentation, delivering your message, to finding your authentic voice, each tip is a nugget of information culled from years of TV and theater performances as well as training thousands of individuals.

"As an actor and corporate spokesperson, I had to learn what made a performance believable and engaging for the audience," says Booth, a former actor and partner of Eloqui. "We’ve taken all those lessons, plus a decade of corporate coaching and training experience, and whittled it down to 101 tips any speaker can use."

A key to any speaking effectiveness outlined in the book is finding your authentic voice. A process Shames and Booth have adapted for CEOs, celebrities, sales people, authors, or even people speaking at weddings, schools, or the PTA, it’s the key to being memorable and leaving a positive lasting impression.

Speaker Survival Guide is available directly from the publisher, or online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The retail price is $19.95,

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ABOUT ELOQUI - Shames and Booth are founders and partners of Eloqui, one of the country’s leading speaking and presentation coaching firms. Eloqui has helped executives at Fortune 500 firms such as Countrywide, Pfizer and Amgen, as well as thousands of individuals from smaller companies and the private sector. Eloqui is located in Calabasas, California. Their phone number is 818/225-7991. Their website is www.eloqui.biz

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