“BioAsia 2007 Thailand” expects to attract over 15,000 visitors worldwide

From: Penner-Madison & Company Limited
Published: Fri Dec 22 2006

Over 5,000 visitors and another 2,000 biotech experts and seminar attendees are expected to participate at "BioAsia 2007 Thailand" which goes into full swing with the recent signing ceremony to co-host Thailand’s first international biotechnology conference and exhibition event which will be held from November 7-9, 2007 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), Bangkok.

S.L.M. Management Co., Ltd., and the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) held a joint press conference on 8 December to announce the two companies’ efforts in hosting the event which aims to promote Thailand as a regional biotechnology development hub under the National Biotechnology Policy Framework (2004 – 2009). Visitors from over 20 countries will have an opportunity to establish networks that will bring about the emergence of modern biotechnology business.

The scientific conference in ‘BioAsia 2007 Thailand’ will give emphasis on agricultural biotechnologies. In conjunction with BioAsia 2007 are two additional key conferences: the 6th Asian Crop Science Association Conference and the 2nd International Conference on Rice for the Future. Both conferences aim to encourage both government agencies and private sector to apply biotechnology research and development to agricultural business and promote it to farmers.

Prof. Dr. Yongyuth Yuthavong, Minister of Science and Technology and the president of the signing ceremony said that Thailand has taken necessary steps to implement biotechnology development under the National Policy and to apply their results in industrial setting.

Prof. Dr. Yongyuth indicated that it is necessary for the government to provide support to the private sector group since they are aware of market needs. He went on to inform the Thailand is aiming to welcome 100 biotechnology companies with a total R&D investment estimated at 5 billion baht by the year 2009. Prof. Dr. Yongyuth was pleased to see the government and the private sector co-hosting ‘BioAsia 2007 Thailand’ as a platform for cooperation and knowledge exchange, while also encouraging cross-border investments in biotechnology.

"The Thai government will provide basic infrastructure support by setting up the Bio-Park as the information center for bio business, including financial assistance measures and benefits to persuade foreign investors. These measures include tax benefits to push for more research & development activities or STI and to provide human resource support in the field of science and technology through universities," said Prof. Dr. Yongyuth.

Dr. Saksit Tridech, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology, also delivered a speech at the signing ceremony saying, "Thailand is considered ASEAN’s leader in biotechnology. This has been proven as the Minister of Science and Technology was selected President of ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology from 2000-2002. In his tenure, Prof. Dr. Yongyuth was instrumental in pushing the ‘ASEAN-help-ASEAN’ policy to its members’ agenda by supporting new members such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam in their technological and human resources development. Since 2001, Thailand has also been providing research funds so these countries can attend training at BIOTEC Research Center. This project has been generally admired by all ASEAN members and international organizations and had gained strong support from countries such as China, Japan and India where there are advancement in biotechnology. Hosting ‘BioAsia 2007 Thailand’ will not only be a regional pride but will also show Thailand’s leadership in forging cooperation in biotechnology among the ASEAN community in both scientific conference and exhibition."

Ms. Nonglak Jitjeankhan, Marketing Director of S.L.M. Management Co., Ltd., said that "S.L.M. has seen Thailand as a world-class location for biotechnology industry because of its abundant biodiversity resources to support scientific development. The National Biotechnology Framework was established in 2004 and it aims to bring about an emergence of more biotechnology companies and more financial investments for biotechnology research and development by 2009. This is the very reason we organize the ‘BioAsia 2007 Thailand’ under the support of BIOTEC, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and TCEB. We want to set up the stage for a Conference & Exhibition of 200 international biotechnology firms from all over the globe. We believe that ‘BioAsia 2007 Thailand’ will promote the Kingdom as a top destination for international biotechnology investment opportunity."

Prof. Dr. Morakot Tanticharoen, Director of BIOTEC said, "The Scientific Conference & Exhibition for biotechnology has been taking place every two years since 2001 and much success has been recorded in the past. S.L.M. Management realizes the potential opportunity in biotechnology business as ‘BioAsia 2007 Thailand’ takes this event to an international-level conference/exhibition, much like those in countries like Japan, the U.S., and Singapore where there is great advancement in biotechnology. Participants from the private sector can also use this event to widen their business networks and enhance business opportunities.

"We have currently received a good response from ten leading biotechnology scientists on agriculture who have confirmed their participation as key speakers for the conference. Their participation will greatly enhance the success and attract more visitors from around the world," Prof. Dr. Morakot said.

Mr. Vithaya Sintharapantorn, Sector Director – Exhibitions, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau also extended his message on behalf of TCEB. "We are glad to support ‘BioAsia 2007’ which will take Thailand to another level in biotechnology researches and in innovative exhibition. TCEB has seen this opportunity as an ideal venue for the gathering of biotechnology experts to present their researches through an international conference. This also helps Thailand gain a reputation as leader in sustainable biotechnology development in the region while promoting the Kingdom as ideal destination for international Conferences & Exhibitions in the region, providing the best quality in services, in line with TCEB and the government’s commitment."

"BioAsia 2007 Thailand’ is also set up to honor His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand and promote his visionary works on science such as the Bio-Diesel project, which is the national pride, in connection with the celebration of his 80th Birth Anniversary," Mr. Vithaya added.

Interested exhibitors and visitors may contact Ms. Nonglak Jitjeankhan, S.L.M. Management Co., Ltd. at 10 Soi Lasalle 56, Sukhumvit Rd., Bangna, Bangkok 10260, Thailand. Tel: +662 7487183 ext. 17, fax: +662 7487050 or e-mail: nonglak@slm.co.th. For further information about the BioAsia 2007 Thailand, please visit www.bioasia-2007.com

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