"Carbon Trading & Pricing" book reveals how EU data discrepancies led to price crash in the EU Emiss

From: Gryphon Carbon Consultancy
Published: Wed Jan 10 2007

The book "Carbon Trading & Pricing" was written by Joost L.M. Kanen of Gryphon Carbon Consultancy and it is an essential guide for journalists, hedge funds, industrial companies, industry associations, policy makers, brokers and energy traders on the price development of carbon allowances.

Since the EU Emissions Trading Scheme is the first major artificial market in the world that strives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, that are caused by energy generation fuel combustion processes, a clear insight into the workings of this market and its price formation is crucial for worldwide success in combating Climate Change.

This book establishes a deep insight into the interrelationships in the "Energy Iceberg", a concept that is introduced for the first time in this book, between oil, coal and gas prices in the 25 EU member states that all impact on the price of carbon allowances.

Climate Change and the market for carbon dioxide emissions, which formerly was an invisible external effect and market failure, now acts as a highly visible focus point at the tip of the Energy Iceberg that helps to understand the impact of the various energy sources on carbon prices and how success in combating Climate Change can be achieved.

The book has revelations that explain why the price of CO2 allowances has shown such volatile behaviour in 2006 resulting in a price crash in April 2006. These revelations have to do with data discrepancies in official EU statistics that are widely used to analyze the carbon market. No other consultant has discovered these data issues.

The book also gives a strategic insight into the currently hotly debated topic of EU gas supply from o.a. Russia and how these gas prices impact heavily on the price of carbon allowances. The "Energy Iceberg" is made transparant with the underlying electricity, coal, oil and gas prices in all 25 EU member states


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