American Health System Giant Saves Time and Increases Revenue with Version One Technology

From: Version One Limited
Published: Tue Jan 16 2007

Leading multi-specialty healthcare organization, Dean Health System, is making significant savings of staff time and increasing revenue by implementing Version One’s electronic form design and check printing technology, DbForm. This technology, which is tightly integrated into the company’s CedarOpenAccounts software system, is being used to automatically produce purchase orders and checks with just a ‘click of the mouse’. Later this year, the technology is also being used to produce barcoded labels in order to improve the accuracy of patient billing by up to 20 per cent.

Wisconsin-based Dean Health System implemented DbForm as it required a user-friendly and functionally rich form design solution to replace the restrictive system it had in place. "The form design technology we’d been using was very limiting", explains Brent Hoffmann, Systems Analyst from Dean Health System. "It was basic in its design capabilities and required significant manual intervention. Most importantly, not being integrated into our central software system meant it could only be used on the PCs it was installed onto. Likewise, when we wanted to configure the technology in any way, we had to configure every PC separately. This proved a nightmare!"

After looking at the alternative form design solutions on the market, it was decided that Version One’s DbForm would be best able to fulfill the company’s needs. As DbForm is seamlessly integrated into Dean Health System’s CedarOpenAccounts financial software, users can access it from any PC in the company and then instantly print out purchase orders and checks. DbForm is also easy to use and flexible enough to allow quality documents to be created and altered, directly from the desktop, within minutes and even seconds! Once created, the purchase orders (complete with company branding, contact details and signatures) are printed onto plain letter paper and the checks are printed onto fraud-resistant check paper using secure printers. Presently, DbForm generates 1200 checks and 350 purchase orders each week.

With DbForm in place, Dean Health System is saving hours of staff time every week. "As DbForm is fully automated, staff are printing out checks and purchase orders more quickly than ever before, significantly reducing staff time spent on mundane administration tasks. In fact, DbForm must be saving us the equivalent of two full time staff on the accounts payable side alone", says Hoffmann.

With Version One’s DbForm operating so smoothly in the purchasing and accounts payable departments, Dean Health System has plans to use the technology in another area of the company; to improve efficiency with patient billing. Currently, between 50 and 200 of the 1000 products distributed from the warehouses to the clinics every week are not billed or are incorrectly billed to the patient, significantly denting revenue. By implementing an automated barcode labeling system using DbForm, products that leave the warehouse will be better tracked and more accurately billed, increasing revenue. This new process, which is going live in 2007, is expected to increase billing accuracy to between 95 and 100 per cent, which is approximately a 20 per cent improvement on current figures.


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About Dean Health System
Established in 1904, Dean Health System is a multi-specialty integrated healthcare delivery system, with over 60 locations across southern Wisconsin, USA. The organization provides medical and health services, health insurance services, ancillary health services and clinical research and education.

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Version One Ltd is the author of electronic document management and imaging software. These solutions enable the automated electronic storage, retrieval, management, enhancement and delivery of business documents such as invoices, purchase orders and statements. This 'paperless office' technology is seamlessly integrated into all major ERP and accounting systems and with a typical ROI of less than six months, Version One's solutions are enabling thousands of organizations to save dramatic amounts of time and money.

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