Scientology Disaster Relief Team Returns to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

From: Church of Scientology International
Published: Thu Mar 01 2007

When the tornado struck Yogyakarta a week ago, one local school principal was all but carried away. He grabbed hold of a sturdy tree and held on for dear life. The tornado abated in the nick of time, as the tree itself had started to give way.

Over a thousand houses were destroyed by the twister.

And this is the scene the Scientology Disaster Relief Team encountered when they arrived back in Yogyakarta last week.

Having spent several months in the area to help residents recover from last summer's 6.2 magnitude earthquake, the volunteers were welcomed back by the many friends they made, and got right to work.

They delivered an assist workshop to over 200 teachers and children in 3 schools affected or destroyed by the tornado.

Assists are procedures developed by L. Ron Hubbard founder of the Scientology religion that can be used by anyone to help people who are ill, distraught or injured.

Assists do not take the place of medical attention but aid it by addressing the emotional and spiritual side of the trauma.

When they began, both teachers and children were quiet and serious. They'd just lived through yet another traumatic incident that had killed or harmed people who were close to them. But by the end of the workshop, they were extroverted, even laughing, and optimistic, knowing they had tools they could use to help their friends and family recover from what they had just lived through.

But while they help the community pick up the pieces from this latest disaster, the real purpose that brought the team back to the region is what they are about to embark on.

Last summer's earthquake touched the lives of many hundreds of thousands. Whether it was the loss of a loved one, loss of property or livelihood or injury, nearly everyone in the region was affected by the disaster.

The team returned to Yogyakarta to deliver workshops in Dianetics technology to the emergency relief personnel with whom they worked through the summer and fall. Dianetics techniques help the individual discover the spiritual factors that hold the effects of trauma in place, thereby eradicating its effects for good.

The Yogyakarta Scientology Disaster Relief Team is funded entirely through donations. To help support their work visit the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site at
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