E-learning 2.0 means learners can be rapid authors, says Kineo

From: Kineo
Published: Thu May 31 2007

Kineo, the leader in rapid e-learning, has long focused on exploring how new technologies can accelerate learning performance. This week’s free briefing on E-learning 2.0, focuses on just that. The briefing, a free download from the Kineo site, explores the five key trends that will shape future directions in e-learning, namely

• Patterns
• Dynamicness and interoperability
• Open source
• Social networking and tagging
• Self publishing

You can download the e-learning 2.0 briefing here:

Kineo built on these themes in a recent presentation at the British Institute on Learning and Development Conference on Workplace Learning. In a speech on Web 2.0 and rapid learner support, Kineo partner Stephen Walsh said, "Web 2.0 trends, from consumption to contribution, from private knowledge to shared intelligence and social bookmarking - these all have implications for how we design, deliver and create sustainable e-learning. Rapid e-learning is a great example of how e-learning has changed with the web, driving down cost, using open source, and moving more people to creators and not just consumers of learning."

Self publishing is core to e-learning and web 2.0. Steve Rayson, Kineo partner and author of the E-learning 2.0 briefing says, "We believe that the means of producing effective and engaging e-learning should be in the hands of everyone in the organisation. The key is providing effective support to make it easy for them to share and contribute. Kineo’s Rapid E-learning Flatpacks do just that. Each is a construction kit for quality e-learning on a key HR topic, complete with graphics, scripts, quizzes, and learning design built-in. Now anyone can adjust, publish with an authoring tool and create bespoke quality e-learning rapidly."

Rapid E-learning Flatpacks are available for topics including Equality & Diversity, Fire Safety Awareness, Recruitment, Performance coaching, Sales skills and Absence Management, with new Flatpacks being added constantly.

You can learn more about Kineo’s Rapid E-learning Flatpacks here:

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