ĎDell Hellí blogs have measurable, long-term, negative impact on Dellís reputation: says new white

From: Public Relations Online
Published: Tue Dec 13 2005

In a new white paper launched today, analysis clearly reveals that blogging has a direct influence on corporate reputation. The white paper, ĎMeasuring the Influence of Bloggers on Corporate Reputationí scientifically measures, for the first time, the influence of bloggers versus conventional media.

Authored by Market Sentinel, Onalytica and immediate future PR, the white paper uses the example of blogger Jeff Jarvisís criticism of the computer retailer, Dell. It shows first that Dell has sustained long-term damage to its brand image and secondly that the cheerleaders for the poor reputation of Dellís customer services, are bloggers.

"Bloggers have extended their influence from dominating negative perceptions of Dell to dominating perceptions of Dellís entire reputation in the customer services area," says Flemming Madsen from Onalytica.

He continues, "Bloggers used Jeff Jarvisís shorthand ĎDell Hellí to collaboratively spread negative comment about Dellís customer service: weakening Dellís reputation where the company used to be so strong."

The white paper uses the science of citation indexing: applying maths to calculate a writer's authority in a particular context and producing an index of dominant authorities. This is familiar in academic use, but is here applied to the web for the first time. The analysis demonstrates how bloggers exercise their power and how their authority has come at the expense of the conventional media sources such as the Washington Post and The New York Times.

According to Mark Rogers, CEO at Market Sentinel, measuring the influence of bloggers is often based on subjective opinion and rough gauges based on comment and Google rankings.

He says, "We wanted to take a scientific approach Ė objectively demonstrating which bloggers have authority and an ability to affect corporate reputation. Using the science of citation indexing, and the Dell case study, we are able to quantify and analysis the impact each blogger has on a companyís brand image and analyse the indirect influence as well as direct impact: proving that blogging has a significant affect on reputation."

The white paper is available for download at http://www.publicrelationsonline.com/files/MeasuringBloggerInfluence61205.pdf [7MB]


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