New Site Believes It's Got What It Takes to Compete with Internet Dating Giants

Published: Thu Jan 26 2006

A new site,, claims it can tackle the internet dating giants over the next few years. can be best described as a form of photo mosaic, once full of members, the images (to be a member it is mandortary to upload a photo) are displayed in face form on the homepage with a maximum number of faces displayed per page in the region of 360 smiling faces.

The site was launched January 18th 2006 and since then has only attracted 5 members, so what makes them so confident that they can compete with the likes of match?

So the scene is set, the battleground the internet, bugdets of the major players lined up like an imposing army as it dwarfs the almost worthless budget of, to many it would seem that they are already fighting a losing battle.

So why? Why would they want to put themselves through this punishment? David Lythgoe, 24, the site designer believes that have come up with a new concept to make online dating fun and simple, with valentines day around the corner, he reasons that theres no better time to try to enter such a competitive market, and has this to say 'After researching several online dating sites, the ones we’ve come across will not let you search through their site unless you fill out some kind of form prior. Usually, a visitor will have to go through a username & password form, or complete a personality/profile form, or they may require the user to join, before being allowed to carry out any actions at all.'

He goes on to say 'On top of this we find that members of dating sites are often restricted to being contacted by other members. For this reason, we have made a system where guests can browse members and contact them without the need to signup or part with any money.'

He admits that the greatest challenge will be in attracting the members to sign up, but states a community of zero does not mean that users won't get contacted. 'In order to try to attract members we have offered 200 free lifetime memberships along with 1000 one month free trial with no obligation to depart with card details.' he promises, and adds ' After the initial free lifetime memberships and trials, subscriptions will only be $2 per month or $20 for a year.'

He hopes that word of mouth will be a huge factor to making the site succesful, and wishes to keep the site clean, fast and continually developed, helped with feedback from its users, in which are invited to use its forums for free, as a way of expressing their views. The ease of being able to contact a member combined with ease of use and efficient interface may make a surprising prospect.

Will succeed? Only time will tell, but with so much promise only the internet public can make what started out as a dream turn into a reality.

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